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Question No : 12 – (Topic 1)
Host 1 is trying to communicate with Host 2. The e0 interface on Router C is down.
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Which of the following are true? (Choose two.)
A. Router C will use ICMP to inform Host 1 that Host 2 cannot be reached.
B. Router C will use ICMP to inform Router B that Host 2 cannot be reached.
C. Router C will use ICMP to inform Host 1, Router A, and Router B that Host 2 cannot be reached.
D. Router C will send a Destination Unreachable message type.
E. Router C will send a Router Selection message type.
F. Router C will send a Source Quench message type.
200-125 exam Answer: A,D
Host 1 is trying to communicate with Host 2. The e0 interface on Router C is down. Router C will send ICMP packets to inform Host 1 that Host 2 cannot be reached.

Question No : 13 – (Topic 1)
Which of the following describes the roles of devices in a WAN? (Choose three.)
A. A CSU/DSU terminates a digital local loop.
B. A modem terminates a digital local loop.
C. A CSU/DSU terminates an analog local loop.
D. A modem terminates an analog local loop.
E. A router is commonly considered a DTE device.
F. A router is commonly considered a DCE device.
Answer: A,D,E
The idea behind a WAN is to be able to connect two DTE networks together through a DCE network. The network’s DCE device (includes CSU/DSU) provides clocking to the DTE connected interface (the router’s serial interface).
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A modem modulates outgoing digital signals from a computer or other digital device to analog signals for a conventional copper twisted pair telephone line and demodulates the incoming analog signal and converts it to a digital signal for the digital device. A CSU/DSU is used between two digital lines – For more explanation of answer D, in telephony the local loop (also referred to as a subscriber line) is the physical link or circuit that connects from the demarcation point of the
customer premises to the edge of the carrier or telecommunications service provider’s network. Therefore a modem terminates an analog local loop is correct.
200-125 dumps
–Router R1 connects the main office to internet, and routers R2 and R3 are internal routers –NAT is enabled on Router R1 –The routing protocol that is enabled between Rl, R2 and R3 is RIPv2 –R1 sends default route into RIPv2 for internal routers to forward internet traffic to R1 –Serverl and Server 2 are placed in VLAN 100 and 200 respectively, and are still running on stick Configuration with router R2. You have console access on Rl, R2, R3 and L2SW1 devices. Use only show commands to troubleshoot the issues.
200-125 dumps
Users in the main office complain that they are unable to reach internet sites. You observe that internet traffic that is destined towards ISP router is not forwarded correctly on Router R1.
What could be an issue?
Ping to Internet server shows the following results from R1:
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5,100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)
A. The next hop router address for the default route is incorrectly configured.
B. Default route pointing to ISP router is not configured on Router R1.
C. Default route pointing to ISP router is configured with AD of 225.
D. Router R1 configured as DHCP client is not receiving default route via DHCP from ISP router.
200-125 dumps Correct Answer: B

Users have been complaining that their Frame Relay connection to the corporate site is very slow. The network administrator suspects that the link is overloaded.
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Based on the partial output of the Router# show frame relay pvc command shown in the graphic, which output value indicates to the local router that traffic sent to the corporate site is experiencing congestion?
A. DLCI = 100
B. last time PVC status changed 00:25:40
C. in BECN packets 192
D. in FECN packets 147
E. in DE packets 0
Correct Answer: C

Requirement to configure DHCP binding ( choose two)
A. DHCP pool
B. ip address
C. Hardware address
200-125 pdf Correct Answer: BC

Users on the network cannot reach the server located on the network. The network administrator connected to router Coffee via the console port, issued the show ip route command, and was able to ping the server.
200-125 dumps
Based on the output of the show ip route command and the topology shown in the graphic, what is the cause of the failure?
A. The network has not fully converged.
B. IP routing is not enabled.
C. A static route is configured incorrectly.
D. The FastEthernet interface on Coffee is disabled.
E. The neighbor relationship table is not correctly updated.
F. The routing table on Coffee has not updated.
Correct Answer: C

A network administrator needs to configure a serial link between the main office and a remote location. The router at the remote office is a non-Cisco router. How should the network administrator configure the serial interface of the main office router to make the connection?
A. Main(config)# interface serial 0/0
Main(config-if)# ip address
Main(config-if)# no shut
B. Main(config)# interface serial 0/0
Main(config-if)# ip address
Main(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
Main(config-if)# no shut
C. Main(config)# interface serial 0/0
Main(config-if)# ip address
Main(config-if)# encapsulation frame-relay
Main(config-if)# authentication chap
Main(config-if)# no shut
D. Main(config)# interface serial 0/0
Main(config-if)#ip address
Main(config-if)#encapsulation ietf
Main(config-if)# no shut
200-125 vce Correct Answer: B

Which Layer 2 protocol encapsulation type supports synchronous and asynchronous circuits and has built in security mechanisms?
C. X.25
D. Frame Relay
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The two connected ports on the switch are not turning orange or green. What would be the most effective steps to troubleshoot this physical layer problem? (Choose three.)
200-125 dumps
A. Ensure that the Ethernet encapsulations match on the interconnected router and switch ports.
B. Ensure that cables A and B are straight-through cables.
C. Ensure cable A is plugged into a trunk port.
D. Ensure the switch has power.
E. Reboot all of the devices.
F. Reseat all cables.
200-125 exam Correct Answer: BDF

A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF configuration of routers R1 and R2. The routers cannot establish an adjacency relationship on their common Ethernet link.
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The graphic shows the output of the show ip ospf interface e0 command for routers R1 and R2. Based on the information in the graphic, what is the cause of this problem?
A. The OSPF area is not configured properly.
B. The priority on R1 should be set higher.
C. The cost on R1 should be set higher.
D. The hello and dead timers are not configured properly.
E. A backup designated router needs to be added to the network.
F. The OSPF process ID numbers must match.
Correct Answer: D

Standard industrialized protocol of etherchannel?
200-125 dumps Correct Answer: A

Two features of the extended ping command? (Choose two.)
A. It can send a specific number of packet
B. It can send packet from specified interface of IP address
C. It can resolve the destination host name
D. It can ping multiple host at the same time
Correct Answer: AB

What command is used to configure a switch as authoritative NTP server?
A. ntp master 3
B. ntp peer IP
C. ntp server IP
D. ntp source IP
200-125 pdf Correct Answer: A

Two statements about syslog loging?
A. Syslog logging is disabled by default
B. Messages are stored in the internal memory of device
C. Messages can be erased when device reboots
D. Messages are stored external to the device
E. other
F. other
Correct Answer: AD

How to enable vlans automatically across multiple switches?
A. Configure VLAN
B. Confiture NTP
C. Configure each VLAN
D. Configure VTP
200-125 vce Correct Answer: D

Which range represents the standard access list?
A. 99
B. 150
C. 299
D. 2000
Correct Answer: A

If the primary root bridge experiences a power loss, which switch takes over?
A. switch 0004.9A1A.C182
B. switch 00E0.F90B.6BE3
C. switch 00E0.F726.3DC6
D. switch 0040.0BC0.90C5
200-125 exam Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
200-125 dumps
What is the reason that the interface status is andquot;administratively down, line protocol downandquot;?
A. There is no encapsulation type configured.
B. There is a mismatch in encapsulation types.
C. The interface is not receiving any keepalives.
D. The interface has been configured with the shutdown command.
E. The interface needs to be configured as a DTE device.
F. The wrong type of cable is connected to the interface.
200-125 dumps Correct Answer: D

Which statement about named ACLs is true?
A. They support standard and extended ACLs.
B. They are used to filter usernames and passwords for Telnet and SSH.
C. They are used to filter Layer 7 traffic.
D. They support standard ACLs only.
E. They are used to rate limit traffic destined to targeted networks.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
200-125 dumps
Each of these four switches has been configured with a hostname, as well as being configured to run RSTP. No other configuration changes have been made. Which three of these show the correct RSTP port roles for the indicated switches and interfaces? (Choose three.)
A. SwitchA, Fa0/2, designated
B. SwitchA, Fa0/1, root
C. SwitchB, Gi0/2, root
D. SwitchB, Gi0/1, designated
E. SwitchC, Fa0/2, root
F. SwitchD, Gi0/2, root
200-125 pdf Correct Answer: ABF

Which three of these statements regarding 802.1Q trunking are correct? (Choose three.)
A. 802.1Q native VLAN frames are untagged by default.
B. 802.1Q trunking ports can also be secure ports.
C. 802.1Q trunks can use 10 Mb/s Ethernet interfaces.
D. 802.1Q trunks require full-duplex, point-to-point connectivity.
E. 802.1Q trunks should have native VLANs that are the same at both ends.
Correct Answer: ACE
200-125 dumps

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